NOAA Weather Alerts App Reviews

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Not undated

This used to be a great app but as you can tell it has not been updated since 2014. Such a shame.

Notifications rarely work

Sorry but this was a reliable app years ago but now its very unreliable

Good but..

Nice interface, but sometimes alerts dont work. There was a tornado warning in my area and this app never knew anything about it


CRAPP! Weather Bug beats this hands down. No support! Every day for a week it has said thunderstorms all day and night, so far not a drop of rain! This is giving the weather report for 23 miles away, not my address, and even then its incorrect! Often times when I put current location, it will give me the weather for another town in another state. I have no idea how they got such a good rating? Something is fishy here!


Simply doesnt work. No other way to put it. I maxed the settings to give alerts for anywhere and made sure all notifications were on as advised in tutorial and instructions. Weather bug, weather channel, and NOAAs apps are sending me alerts all day long but yet this one is radio silent. Worst part of all... It costs me $3 to get an app that doesnt do the one sole and only thing it claims it will. Unreal.

This app could save your life

I am the emergency manager for a large healthcare system that spans multiple counties across northern Indiana. Aug 24 2016 we experienced a historic widespread tornadic event with 35 reported tornados. I have several severe weather notification apps. By far this app provided the earliest and most accurate warnings yesterday . Allows for multiple county tracking and provides audible ( alert specific sounds such as tornado siren or gurgling for flooding ) in addition to written warning. You can also view specific NWS issued warnings, and scan radar on a great map. Excellent, worth the investment.

Not with your money

This app does not allow you to select a county, so youre constantly flooded with useless information thats based on a radius.

No support. Buggy after iOS 10 upgrade.

Ive been using this app since iOS 8. Its super configurable and is very detailed. Unfortunately, support never responded to any of my inquiries. This was fine, because the app continued to work. However, with the iOS 10 upgrade the software hasnt been nearly as reliable. With no support and the last update being from 2014, its hard to recommend this any more.


Do not waste your money!!! It does not work!!! I can not explain the good review ms but beware! Im trying to get my $6.99 back!


Turned itself off and started requiring registration without notice.

Used to be good - now not supported

This used to be an excellent app but the deverloper stopped supporting the app and will not answer support emails nor in-app support requests. Appears to have an incompatibility with iOS 10 that renders the app useless. II strongly recommend looking elsewhere, unless this developer returns to supporting the app rather than collecting royalty checks.

Freezing up

Ever since an IOS update the app freezes up where I attempt to turn on alerts. User Interface is overdue for upgrades.

Love this app

One of my favorite apps. A true safety device.

Great app

Easy to use.

Helpful App

I dont pay much attention to the weather, and I should, living in tornado alley. This app is terrific for alerting me when there are storms nearby.

Dont understand the high ratings

Ive had this for a while and feel I gave it a pretty fair trial run. I dont understand the high ratings on this app. I think its "OK" at best and have tried contacting the developer but have yet to hear back. Im giving it a 2 because I think its on the low side of OK and have to think there are better apps available for alerting of nasty incoming weather.

Great app!

Great app! I like the notifications, map, and detailed description of the weather approaching your area!

Great app!

I love this app! Not only does Id give me crucial weather information when I need it where I live but in hundreds of miles away where my family lives! Highly recommended.

The fastest weather alert I tried

Trying the weather channel, NOAA, and Weather Alert, Weather alert was by far the quickest to alert me to severe weather. Great options for setting the range for alerts. They could improve on some user friendliness when looking for more information on an approaching storm.

Great App!

Love this app. Automatic alerts when bad weather approaches. Very helpful.

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